Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation – A 21st Century Epidemic ?

This video will explain the importance of a widespread health problem in the West that is rarely diagnosed and even when it is recognised, is usually not helped or guidance given to the patient. The subject is chronic hidden hyperventilation (CHHV). CHHV is explained, its origins, its impact on every disease, how it can be reduced, why there has been insufficient clinical research and how the Buteyko Method offers a practical solution.

Published by

David Drysdale

David Drysdale has worked as an Osteopath in the West End of Glasgow since 1996. David combines a wide range of techniques when treating a patient, ranging from Osteopathic Manipulation, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutrition and Exercise. Treatments are tailored for the Patient. It is understood that some people simply do not like osteopathic manipulation, while others like Deep Tissue Massage, or benefit from Cranio-Sacral Therapy. There are different ways of treating people who are in pain, and providing the treatment that works for you is very important. Osteopathy is well known for treating Headaches, Neck & Back Pain, but many other conditions such as migraines, frozen shoulder and arthritis can all respond well to good Osteopathic treatment.

One thought on “Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation – A 21st Century Epidemic ?”

  1. Wonderful video Davy. I recently self-administered Buteyko in my own life in April 2011. One year later I am at a 45 second morning CP and have completely removed my anxiety symptoms. Fortunately, I received many other benefits; better sleep (not tired throughout the day), healthy weight, calm response to stressful situations without even trying, a better outlook on life in general, and many more.

    For anyone interested, Buteyko demands a leap of faith; not in the sense of the ‘placebo effect,’ but in the sense of you have to put in a solid few weeks of work until you notice the effect. However, after that, similar to working out at the gym, the benefits become all the motivation that is needed. Soon you will be trying to convince the world about your wonderful new discovery, much to the scepticism of your friends and family. :)

    It took me one year to reach 45 seconds with my morning CP, but i immediately felt better once i reached a 20 second CP. Arguably the most beneficial skill I have ever learned. Best part of all, since I have reached the 40 second mark, I barely do any exercises at all and am able to stay at this wonderful level.

    Thanks to all the Buteyko people of the world.


Many Thanks…………….. Davy Drysdale

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