TMJ & Facial Pain

Tempo-Mandibular Joint Pain
Tempo-Mandibular Joint Pain

Patient: Woman 58 years
Occupation: Unable to work
Pain: 10/10

Complaint: Long term Facial and Jaw Pain, which started about 10 years ago. This pain was made worse with any exposure to cold or when the patient was stressed. There was also a constant feeling of having something stuck in her throat.

This pain was always present to some degree, being worse at night. The patient had been examined by numerous Doctors and an ENT Consultant. There was no diagnosis, all tests for pathology were negative.

Diagnosis: This Lady was very tense and distressed, but examination showed distinct Trigger Points in the
Sternocleidomastoid Muscle, which is the muscle running from the Sternum to behind the Ear.

Treatment: I treated this Lady using Acupuncture to the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle, and after 2 treatments her pain was 95% improved.

Prognosis: This Lady should remain Pain Free, but it’s worth while asking her to return for a reassessment in a month, as She has suffered with this condition for a very long time. The underlying cause of this condition is not known.