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Acupuncture: East meets West

A HAIR-THIN needle pricks the skin. What happens next depends on who you ask. A traditional Chinese practitioner will tell you that acupuncture manipulates the body’s vital energy, Qi (pronounced chee), balancing the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. When … Continue reading

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Buteyko Breathing Presentation

Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 1 from Learn Buteyko on Vimeo. Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 2 from Learn Buteyko on Vimeo. Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 3 from Learn Buteyko on Vimeo.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction “Body Scan”

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Is Migraine all in your Head ?

IF YOU have ever absent-mindedly rubbed your eyes or nose after chopping up chilli peppers, you’ll have some idea of the suffering of one group of scientists in the name of medical research. A team at the Institute of Neurology … Continue reading

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Migraine Headache.

Patient: Woman 38 years Occupation: Artist Pain: 9/10 Complaint: Classic Migraine Headaches when stressed or angry. This patient had a minor scoliosis and was hypermobile. There were various areas of asymmetry which I noticed when I looked at her, the most … Continue reading

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Tension Headaches.

Patient: Woman 49 Years Occupation: University Administrator Pain: Constant 4/10 Complaint: Constant, ongoing Headache which is present day and night. This headache eases with analgesics, but never clears. Onset, 3 weeks. Stress at work and poor posture are the major cause. Treatment: Treatment was gentle … Continue reading

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