What Is a Trigger Point and What Causes Them ?

Trigger Points are a frequent cause of Muscular Pain.

People often talk of a “Trapped Nerve” when describing the pain they experience from a Trigger Point. The Pain can be excruciating, and left untreated, they can cause months of unrelenting Pain.

Treating a Trigger Point requires precision. Firstly to detect it, and then to accurately Needle it with an Acupuncture Needle. The relief is normally immediate, although an ache may linger for 24 hours after treatment.

I have used Acupuncture to treat Trigger Points very successfully. When a person does not like Needles, Deep Massage can be used. This helps greatly, but is not as effective as Acupuncture.


Cramp in the Calf

Calf Cramp
Calf Cramp

Cramp in the Calf is a painful condition to be woken by.

There are certain steps that can be taken to prevent this occurring. When sleeping, do not lie on your front with your feet outstretched, as this allows the calf muscles to contract.

It may help to sleep on your back, with your feet solidly against the bottom of your bed or a wall.

A muscle called the Gastrocnemus is usually the culprit. This is the large muscle that gives your calf it’s shape.

Trigger points develop at the top of this muscle which cause cramp.

When these trigger points are treated with Acupuncture, the cramp will usually cease.

Cramps are also associated with dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Isotonic drinks such as Bio-Synergy Pure Energy can help.

Specific stretches to lengthen the calf muscles are helpful.

Vitamin E has been found to help the blood supply to the lower leg, take 400I.U. per day for 2 weeks.

This is also effective for Restless Legs. Studies show Vitamin E is more effective than Quinine in preventing cramp.