Whiplash study says no benefits from intensive treatment

Intensive whiplash treatment is no better than standard care, a study suggests.

The study, in the Lancet looked at the treatment of more than 2,700 people with mild to moderate whiplash.

No additional benefits were seen in those who had more intensive care – which included suggesting a rapid return to normal activities.


A Canadian expert said the study showed the lack of benefit from “unnecessary treatments”.

Whiplash injuries cost the UK economy about £3.1bn a year, mainly due to the expense of treating those with chronic symptoms (between 30-50%) and their subsequent need to take time off work.

Long-term problems can include pain from even the smallest movement, difficulty sleeping and even being unable to work. Continue reading Whiplash study says no benefits from intensive treatment

Jean Pierre Barral’s Course

J-P-BarralI have recently done Jean Pierre Barral’s course called

“The New Manual Articular Approach to the Upper Limb”.

Jean Pierre is “The” leading Osteopath in the World at the moment, and his approach is very common sense and methodical. There is a beauty in his approach – which appears simple, but belies his real depth of knowledge and understanding of the subtleties and connections that underlie common Shoulder and Arm problems.

I came away from the course with a much greater understanding of Osteopathy.

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What are your organs thinking? A talk by Jean-Pierre Barral

This is a fascinating short talk by the French Osteopath Jean Pierre Barral.

Jean Pierre is leading the way in Osteopathic Research, and developing new Osteopathic Techniques.

Bringing forward subjects such as Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation.

These approaches to Osteopathy allows one to treat conditions that were once out with the scope of Osteopathy.

I have attended a number of Courses through the Barral Institute in Ayr.