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Gut Bacteria swap is alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery

A bacterial cocktail could soon offer a knifeless alternative to gastric bypass surgery. The gastric bypass limits a person’s food intake by, in effect, reducing the size of the stomach – often to the size of a walnut. The procedure … Continue reading

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Most GP’s have given a Patient a Placebo Drug

Most family doctors have given a placebo to at least one of their patients, survey findings suggest. In a poll, 97% of 783 GPs admitted that they had recommended a sugar pill or a treatment with no established efficacy for … Continue reading

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Salt linked to “Immune Rebellion”

The amount of salt in our diet could be involved in driving our own immune systems to rebel against us, leading to diseases such as multiple sclerosis, early laboratory findings suggest. Several teams of scientists have simultaneously published data in … Continue reading

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