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More Hints for Lap Top Users

This is a great short Video for Lap-Top Users. Please look and learn !

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What Is a Trigger Point and What Causes Them ?

Trigger Points are a frequent cause of Muscular Pain. People often talk of a “Trapped Nerve” when describing the pain they experience from a Trigger Point. The Pain can be excruciating, and left untreated, they can cause months of unrelenting … Continue reading

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GP’s advised to measure Blood Pressure in both Arms

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal shows that a large difference between the Blood Pressure measured in each arm suggests a bigger risk of premature death. This study of 230 high blood pressure patients found those with … Continue reading

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Which is the most comfortable Car ?

Back pain, sore backside, stiff neck–these are just a few of symptoms of not being comfortable behind the wheel. Buy a car that doesn’t suit your frame or personal preferences, and you’re in for a very bumpy ride. The magazine … Continue reading

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The War against Natural Medicine.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in 10 hospital admissions leads to an adverse event while one in 300 admissions leads to death. WHO puts medical errors as among the top 10 killers in the world. According to the … Continue reading

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Link between Infantile Colic and Mothers Migraines

A study published in February 2012 of mothers and their young babies by neurologists at the University of California, San Francisco, has shown that mothers who suffer migraine headaches are more than twice as likely to have babies with colic … Continue reading

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Massage proves to have Medical Benefits

While massage may have developed a reputation as a decadent treat for people who love pampering, new studies are showing it has a wide variety of tangible health benefits. Research over the past couple of years has found that massage … Continue reading

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